Sacco Management System Datasheet

Sacco Management Datasheet

Looking for a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and enhance the management of your SACCOs? This Sacco Management datasheet outlines the major components of the system, including membership management, loan processing, financial management, and reporting services. Gain an insight into how our Sacco Management System enables efficient member registration, activates loan origination processes, ensures accurate financial records, and provides insightful reporting for decisions with knowledge.

AXON Key Modules

Administration Module

Administration Module


Member Management and Transactions Module

This module enables the SACCO to manage all the records for individuals, groups and business clients. These include their personal details, contact information, identification, income and next of kin details and maintenance of their photos and signatures for the individual or joint accounts.

The following are the main sub menus in the member management menu:

Datasheet showing Member Management Module


Credit Management Module

Datasheet showing credit management module


Finance Management Module

This includes the following sub modules:

Datasheet showing Finance management Module


Mobile Banking Module

NLS mobile banking solution provides a platform that allows your sacco members to access their Share capital, savings, loan a/c, guarantors, carry out the various banking, and value-added transactions through their mobile phones. The mobile solution has pre-built modular components to allow for the rapid customization of the Sacco’s or Microfinance mobile banking requirements. It is cross-platform and integrates with the Sacco’s existing infrastructure, Core banking system and the database.

The mobile suite includes a mobile banking application and an interface for the members and the Sacco at large.

The solution is accessible through four interfaces:

Datasheet showing mobile banking module


Payroll Module

  • Pay slip
  • P9 Forms


Management Information Reporting (MIS)

Management information reporting information on the datasheetThis entails all financial and analytical reports, including SASRA regulatory reports. Existing reports can be customized to fit user specific formats and more can be developer as per user requirements. The Report Designer allows static text, basic shapes and data placeholders to be placed on a report with pixel- based precision.

More information on the datasheet - management information reportingThis flexibility allows easy development of the report to allow the report elements to be aligned accurately with elements on preprinted paper reports include financial statements such as Statement of financial position cash book general ledger trial balance income statement transaction journals the reports are generated in real time.


The above datasheet contains all information you need about our sacco management system (AXON).

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