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Today’s financial institutions need to exceed customer expectations while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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Our software solutions are used by over 20 financial institutions across Africa and Asia.


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Assisting over 600 Projects with loans and financial guidance, driving local economic growth.


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We are currently operating in 8 countries worldwide, providing cross-border banking solutions for financial institutions.

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We pride ourselves on our technical expertise, matured quality practices, and refined implementation methodologies. These pillars enable us to deliver high-quality software solutions to you, ensuring both efficiency and effectiveness in every project we undertake.

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A microfinance bank had an old-fashioned way of originating and processing loans. They did it by hand, which took a long time and sometimes had mistakes. This made it tough for them to help all their customers. They also didn’t have a good way to check if the customers getting the loans would pay them back or not.


So, over 18 months ago, they decided to change things. They wanted to use modern technology to make their loan origination and processing better. They chose NLS Tech Solutions to help them. NLS deployed a special software system called Credit Management System for the bank, that made everything easier.


Thanks to this new system:
The microfinance bank adopted it to make originating and processing loans easier and faster for them, helping more customers while making sure the loans are given to the right folks.

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