Schools have their billing systems to manage various fees, such as tuition, enrollment, activity fees, and more. Biller integration involves connecting this internal billing system with an external billing service provider or payment gateway.


A Secure Portal Ideal for All School Utility Payments


Bill Payments integration allows schools to find applicable invoices/bills and make payments. They can easily create, deliver, and pay their bills online.


Through the Biller integration, schools can offer online payment options to students and parents. This can include credit/debit card payments, bank transfers, and other forms of digital payment.


The integration ensures that payment information is submitted and processed efficiently, reducing manual errors and enhancing the overall payment experience.


Automatic Payments To Multiple Accounts at A Go


This feature enables the automatic grouping of various utilities, such as tuition and activity fees, into an understandable aggregate bill. The integrated approach simplifies the payment experience for students and parents, who can settle all financial obligations with one payment.


Biller integration not only reduces operational complexity and the chance for error. It also provides schools with an efficient way to track and manage payments.


Real-time Tracking and Reporting


Biller integration allows real-time tracking of payments. Schools can track payments, see balances, and generate financial transaction reports. This transparency helps schools maintain accurate financial records and respond quickly to any payment questions.


In Summary


The integration can be done for corporates that typically have multiple obligations to a
single biller e.g. postpaid electricity payments, water billing, and other utilities. This integration allows for the consolidation of these obligations under a single payment reference.


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