Reporting Solution (NQUEST)

Reporting Solution (NQUEST)

Empowering Informed Decision-Making Through Advanced Reporting and Analysis

NQUEST is a best-in-class reporting solution that streamlines your reporting—ensuring audit readiness, consolidation, and transparency in data handling.

Make Your Auditing a Breeze with Our Reporting Solution!

You most likely use Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint at the start of your reporting and analysis process, and rarely think of alternatives until the reporting gets overly extensive or complex.

You then start seeking new tools in the market and frequently discover that a best-in-class reporting solution is necessary to provide the analytical reports you demand.

NQUEST is here to help you to improve audit readiness, consolidate your financial statements across your various branches, optimize collaborations, etc. Ensure credibility and transparency when handling financial data.

Why use NQUEST?

We’ve simplified the Reporting and Analysis process for you.

NQUEST offers you a combination of robust features, flexibility, scalability, and support to meet your institution’s unique reporting and analytical needs:

1. Data Warehousing Excellence

NQUEST is your central hub for data storage and management. Data obtained from various sources is meticulously cleaned, transformed, and cataloged, ensuring accuracy and reliability for analysis.

2. Access to Actionable Insights

Access a treasure trove of insights which you can utilize for reporting, data mining, online analytical processing, market research, and decision support.

3. Non-Intrusive Data Migration

Import data from your host databases to the Data warehouse Database using the NLS ETL Tool without modifying the source database or its structure. Ensure data integrity and security.

4. Empowering Your Reporting Team

Access and generate reports smoothly. Sreamline your workflows.

5. Intuitive Web Browser Access

Accessibility is key to harnessing the power of data. The host report templates and enquiry logic allow you to generate reports directly through a standard web browser. Make data-driven decision-making across all levels of your institution.

A Solution Tailored for Your Critical Needs

NQUEST rises to the challenge of addressing pressing enterprise needs, including:

  1. Informed Decision-Making
    Make decisions grounded in data-driven insights, enhancing strategic planning and operational efficiency.
  2. Streamlined Data Management
    Streamline the process of transforming your raw data into a valuable asset, ready for analysis.
  3. Data Integrity and Security
    The non-intrusive data migration process safeguards the integrity and security of your source databases.
  4. Agile Reporting
    Quickly deploy reports and enquiries, and foster effective communication of insights.
  5. Accessibility
    NQUEST gives you insights, regardless of technical expertise.

Unlock the true potential of your data with NQUEST. Make informed decisions, stay ahead of the competition, and drive meaningful business growth.

Inside NQUEST: Key Components

  1. NLS Sync
  2. Alerts and Notifications
  3. API
  4. Report Designer
  5. Database
  6. Monitoring
  7. Report Server
  8. Report Submission

Sample Reports Crafted by NQUEST for Enhanced Financial Understanding

Credit Reports

  1. Guarantor reports
  2. Collateral Reports
  3. Dairy Reports
  4. Overdraft Reports
  5. All Loans Reports
  6. Risk Classification Reports

Clearing Reports

  1. Inward Cheques
  2. Outward Cheques
  3. Overdraft
  5. Cash reports
  6. Transactions Reports
  7. Exception Query Reports

Finance Reports

  1. Guarantor Reports
  2. Liquidity Reports
  3. Profit and Loss Reports
  4. Transaction Journal Reports
  5. Capital Adequacy Reports
  6. Quick Transaction Journal

Exploring Additional Reports Delivered by NQUEST

  1. Teller Vault Balance Report
  2. Finance Balance Report
  3. Collateral IFRS Report
  4. Audit Report
  5. Redeemed Accounts Reports
  6. Daily FX Receipts
  7. Provisional Loans Report
  8. WTAX Reports
  9. Finance Balance Reports with Rates
  10. Collateral IFRS Breakdown Report
  11. Debenture Diary
  12. Fixed Deposit Diary
  13. Guarantee Diary
  14. Insurance Diary
  15. Property Charge Diary
  16. Shares Diary
  17. Stocks Diary
  18. Collateral Others
  19. Daily FX Payments

Elevate your financial reporting with ease.

Experience efficiency and accuracy—choose our Reporting Solution today for seamless, reliable results!