Events and Notifications System (TERA EVENTS)

Your Banking Alerts and Notifications Hub

Send your customers alerts and notifications about a variety of events to keep them informed, secure, and engaged in their financial activities. Tera Events is your central hub for timely notifications and updates through email and SMS channels.

The Challenge in Financial Communication

Your customers demand seamless, relevant, and timely information across various channels and devices.

That means there’s need for you to overhaul your current events and notifications system to ensure optimal engagement, trust, security and convenience.

Events and Notifications System = Real-Time Updates, Personalization, and Security

Real-time Alerts and Notifications

You can define a variety of statements/reports, templates, basic alerts and notifications, including the appropriate channels for the delivery.

The system’s customizable settings also enable you to personalize messages to your individual customers based on certain situations, as well as establish automated notifications based on the demands of your customers.

You can also define user choices and frequencies or triggers. It fully supports multiple network protocols and is capable of capturing your defined events across the diverse systems.


Send your customers notifications about a variety of events to keep them informed, secure, and engaged in their financial activities.

Events are predefined based on trigger nature. For instance, events that are automated may be time triggered. e.g., Birthday event will always occur based on time conditions. However, for the conditions to execute, a configurable calendar has to be maintained.

Additionally, events may be ad hoc in nature, requiring manual triggering, e.g., a system delay or downtime notification may require user intervention.


Notifications hold significant importance for your customers, providing them with valuable information, enhanced security, and a streamlined banking experience.

Why notifications are crucial for your customers:

  1. Real-Time Updates
  2. Enhanced Security
  3. Fraud Prevention
  4. Financial Awareness
  5. Payment Reminders
  6. Transaction Verification
  7. Personalized Offers
  8. Convenience
  9. User Engagement
  10. Proactive Support
  11. Timely Decision-Making
  12. Trust and Transparency

Key Features and Benefits of Events and Notifications System

  1. Effortless Integration and Deployment
    Tera Events seamlessly integrates into your banking application environment, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free deployment process. You can harness the solution’s power without disrupting your existing systems.
  2. Bulk Message Handling
    This system provides you a holistic solution for bulk message handling – from subscription management to message preparation, publishing, and finally, the precise delivery of messages across your various channels and devices.
  3. Customizable Templates and Alerts
    You can personalize your communication by defining a variety of templates, basic alerts, and notifications. This empowers you to tailor your messages to resonate with your different customer segments, enhancing engagement.
  4. Channel Flexibility
    With Tera Events, you have the flexibility to select appropriate channels for message delivery. Whether it’s SMS, email, push notifications, or more, you can seamlessly reach your customers where they are most receptive.
  5. User-Defined Preferences
    Tailoring your communication is essential. Tera Events empowers you to define your preferences, frequencies, and triggers. This level of customization ensures your messages are both relevant and timely.

Sample Events and Notifications to Customers

  1. Send SMS Notification to customer to celebrate annual anniversary from account opening period with bank
  2. Send Email Notification to customer to celebrate first anniversary from account opening period with bank.
  3. Send Email notification(image)to celebrate customer birthday.
  4. Send SMS notification to celebrate customer birthday
  5. Send Email Notification to welcome new customers after opening account with bank
  6. Send SMS to customer regarding dormant/inactive accounts for action
  7. Send Email notification to customer regarding maturity of booked Fixed Deposit account with impending maturity date
  8. Send SMS notification to customer regarding maturity of booked Fixed Deposit account with impending maturity date
  9. Send SMS notification of corporate client username for enrolled internet banking service
  10. Send Email notification to new corporate client regarding registration for internet banking services (staff/personal acc.)

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