Airtel Money integration enables your customers to make financial transactions using their mobile phones, providing a convenient and seamless alternative to traditional banking services.

Airtel Money Integration


Intra- and cross-border transfers: Your customers can transfer money within or across borders, facilitating safe and efficient financial transactions.

Service charges and services: Your customers can pay for utilities such as electricity, water and other services directly through a mobile wallet.

Top-ups and data bundles: Customers can recharge their mobile phones with airtime and purchase data bundles directly through the integration.

Store transactions: Your financial institution can accept payments for goods and services through the integration, providing your customers with a cashless payment option.

Employee salaries: Your corporate customers can use Airtel funds to pay salaries, providing a convenient and secure way for their employees to access their salaries.

Withdrawals and deposits: Depending on the region, your customers can withdraw or deposit funds from an ATM linked to the Airtel Money Agent or Mobile Wallet system.

E-Commerce and Online Payments: Your customers can make purchases and payments online, expanding your ability to enter into e-commerce activities.


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