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We enable financial institutions to enhance efficiency of their banking processes and stay competitive.

NLS focuses on delivering software development consulting and systems integration to clients, mainly in the financial services industry across the globe.

The Annals of Our History

The story begins over a decade ago in 2010

Back then, NLS was just a spark of an idea in the minds of a handful of visionaries. Our initial brainchild, Tera Offline, was the humble genesis of what would become a groundbreaking journey.

Today, we are proud to operate a cutting-edge Research and Development (R&D) center in India, with our headquarter in Kenya. Our dedicated team of over 65 skilled associates excels in various critical domains. These include engineering and product development, client relationship management, business process quality, business intelligence, enterprise integration, and groundbreaking research and development initiatives

Our Journey

Countries of Operation

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Certified and Compliant

We take pride in achieving and maintaining the highest standards, as demonstrated by our certifications, which reflect our adherence to industry best practices and regulatory requirements. Rest assured, when you choose NLS, you are choosing a trusted and acclaimed partner in your pursuit of innovation.


We aspire to be Africa’s top technology company in provision of Financial services software solutions.

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Services Offered

Core Competencies & Services Offered

Our comprehensive suite of offerings is designed to revolutionize your operations, providing a seamless blend of advanced features and user-friendly interfaces.

NLS offers a wide range of services that include Application Development and Maintenance, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (BI & DW), Business Process automation, Consulting and Enterprise Solutions, Embedded Services, Engineering ‘Solution’ among others.

Competencies and services offered

We are true to ourselves

We proudly affirm our commitment to authenticity, transparency, and integrity.

We are true to

We believe that by staying true to ourselves, we create a foundation for trust, innovation, and sustainable success.

We commit to always perform at our best.

Our Speciality

Empowering Innovation Through Technology

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise, matured quality practices, and refined implementation methodologies. These pillars enable us to deliver high-quality software solutions to our clients, ensuring both efficiency and effectiveness in every project we undertake.

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