Zamtel Mobile Money integration allows your customers to send and receive money and pay bills from their mobile phones. Zamtel Mobile Money is a safe and convenient way for your customers to carry their wallets with them at all times.


Your Customers Using Zamtel Mobile Money Can:


1. Send e-money to other Zamtel customers, both registered and unregistered.

2. Send e-money to mobile phone users on different networks.

3. Deposit and withdraw cash at any Zamtel store or authorized representative.

4. Manage their bill payments/expenses

And many more…


How does it work?

Here is a basic understanding of a typical mobile money payment:

The customer goes to website or mobile application, initiates checkout of product or service, customer selects zamtel mobile money which as payment method customer checkout merchant or entity initiates a checkout to zamtel system. When zamtel receives a request from the merchant, it initiates a USSD push to the customer to confirm the payment, the customer responds to the USSD push by entering their mobile money PIN. The response to the transaction is subsequently sent to the merchant(who initiated the transaction). Note: The above is an asynchronous request.

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