Branch Resilience Solution (TERA OFFLINE)


Empowering Branch Resilience In Challenging Times


Branch resilience solution (Tera Offline) is an innovative and robust solution designed to safeguard your branch’s operations even during the most unfortunate instances of network downtime or communication loss.

Core Banking System Downtimes Can Be Disastrous to Your Financial Institution

In the dynamic landscape of banking, maintaining consistent and uninterrupted services for your customers are non-negotiable priorities. The dependence on network connectivity, while essential for modern banking operations, also exposes your institution to significant vulnerabilities. The inability to provide seamless services during instances of network downtime or communication loss poses critical issues that need immediate attention.

  1. Damaged Reputation
    This interruption not only tarnishes the reputation of your institution but also leads to a loss of customer trust and goodwill. The repercussions of such service disruptions extend even beyond the immediate inconvenience, potentially resulting in missed revenue opportunities and the risk of legal penalties for not meeting Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  2. Erodes the bank’s market presence and competitiveness.
    Downtime and lack of availability can drive your customers towards your competitors. The associated costs of remediating the damage caused by such disruptions, including remedial marketing efforts, can burden your institution’s resources and further impact profitability.


With TERA OFFLINE, your institution gains the power to weather connectivity storms, ensuring business continuity, and preserving customer satisfaction.

TERA OFFLINE protects your revenue streams and upholds your brand integrity by offering uninterrupted customer services.

Our branch resilience solution seamlessly integrates with your existing core banking system while remaining user-friendly and easily adaptable for your branch staff.

Finding a way to maintain banking operations, even when connectivity is compromised is imperative to ensure customer satisfaction, preserve revenue, and safeguard the institution’s reputation.


  1. Business Continuity at Its Best When network services falter, your customers shouldn’t bear the brunt of it. Tera Offline steps in seamlessly to ensure that your branch operations continue without a hitch. It’s your safety net during unexpected network disruptions, safeguarding your institution from costly downtimes and ensuring that services to customers remain uninterrupted.
  2. Elevating Customer Satisfaction Nothing speaks volumes like a bank that prioritizes its customers’ needs. With Tera Offline, you’re sending a strong message – that no matter the circumstances, your commitment to serving your customers remains unswerving.
  3. Seamlessly Integrated for Easy Use Tera Offline understands the need for simplicity and efficiency. Integrating seamlessly with your core banking system, this solution ensures that your staffs can swiftly transition to offline mode without unnecessary complications. It’s designed to work the way your institution works, minimizing disruption and maximizing productivity.
  4. Automated Uploads for Swift Recovery When normalcy is restored and your branch’s network springs back to life, Tera Offline doesn’t miss a beat. It automates the process of uploading offline transactions to your core banking system, ensuring a smooth transition and preventing any information gaps.

Say goodbye to manual data entry headaches.

We Address Your Crucial Business Needs

In the world of banking, downtimes aren’t just inconveniences—they’re potential catalysts for serious challenges.

Tera Offline is the answer to your range of pressing business needs:

  1. Preserving Corporate Image: Maintain a resilient corporate image even during trying times, safeguarding your brand’s reputation.
  2. Mitigating Customer and Partner Impact: Prevent goodwill erosion by ensuring that your customers and partners don’t bear the brunt of connectivity issues.
  3. Protecting Revenue Streams: Lost transaction revenue and missed business opportunities become a thing of the past with Tera Offline.
  4. Avoiding Penalties: Stay aligned with SLAs and regulations, avoiding legal penalties due to service disruption.
  5. Optimizing Costs: Spare your budget from extra remedial marketing and operational expenses associated with network downtimes.
  6. Fending Off Competitors: Maintain a competitive edge by ensuring that your services remain available even when others falter.
  7. Streamlining Integration and Support: Cut down on operational and capital costs linked to system integration and support, thanks to Tera Offline’s seamless compatibility.

Stay Connected, Save on Costs!

Don’t let connectivity challenges disrupt your branch’s operations or inflate your costs. Ensure uninterrupted services. Protect your reputation. Elevate customer trust.


Speak to our experts about how you can elevate your branch’s resilience with Tera Offline.

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