Mpesa is a widely used mobile payment financial service offered by Safaricom in Kenya and many other East African countries. Mpesa integration improves your performance as a financial institution, increasing productivity, and customer satisfaction and expanding your service capabilities.


 Mpesa Integration Brings You Solutions


Transfer of funds

  • Provide easy domestic and international money transfers for your customers, allowing them to send and receive money quickly and securely.


Bill Payments

  • Your customers can pay their utility bills such as electricity, water, and other services directly without the need for physical presence.


Retail Connectivity

  • Your customers can make payments at retail locations, including supermarkets, restaurants and other businesses.


Top-Ups and Recharge

  • Your customers can purchase airtime and data bundles directly for their mobile phones through the integration.


Payment and distribution of wages

Integration to Mpesa can be used to pay salaries, allowing you to efficiently pay your employees directly into their Mpesa accounts.


Main Benefits of Integrating with Mpesa


Expanded customer base

Mpesa is widely accepted in East Africa, giving you access to a diverse customer base. Enter new markets and reach customers who may not have traditional bank accounts.

Increased number of connections

Mpesa integration enables your customers to seamlessly perform a variety of financial transactions, including transfers, payments and purchases. This can increase the number of transactions, which in turn makes money for your financial institution.

Soft financial services

Integrating Mpesa makes it easier for your customers to access financial services directly through their mobile phones. This accessibility can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Diversification of services

Offer a wider range of services to your customers, including mobile-based payments, payroll issuance, etc. This diversification enhances and attracts your service portfolio a large number of customers.


Data-Driven Insights

Integration enables you to gather valuable information about customer behavior and transactions. Analyzing this data gives you insight into customer preferences and trends, allowing you to make informed decisions to improve your service.

Competitive advantage

In areas where Mpesa is widely used. It positions your institution as the preferred choice for customers who demand modern, convenient and reliable financial services.


Build customer confidence and maintain a good reputation in the financial sector.

In summary, integrating with Mpesa can significantly improve the efficiency of your financial institution by expanding your reach, providing flexible services, and increasing the number of transactions.

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