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Debt Collection Automation: A Seamless Journey of Enhanced Debt Recovery Strategies

A prominent bank recognized the need to modernize its debt collection process to enhance efficiency and customer experience. The bank’s traditional debt collection model was limited, leading to inefficiencies and delayed actions. In response, the bank implemented our innovative debt collection automation solution that transformed its collections.

The Challenge


Before adopting our debt collection solution, the bank faced several challenges in its debt collection process:

  1. Manual Processes: Their debt collection involved time-consuming manual tasks, including sending demand letters and notifications to debtors and auctioneers.
  2. Inefficiency: The bank’s manual communication methods resulted in delays in sending notices and letters, which impacted the bank’s ability to recover debts promptly.
  3. Limited Transparency: The lack of real-time notifications made it difficult for debtors and bank employees to stay updated on the status of accounts.

The Solution


The bank’s adoption of our solution in its debt collection process brought about remarkable changes and improvements:

Solution #1: Repossession Transition

The bank achieved a 100% transition from manually issuing repossession orders. The automated system streamlined this process, enhancing accuracy and speed.

Solution #2: Real-time Information Sharing

Automated systems enabled the bank to promptly send information on repossession to auctioneers on day 14 at the end of the due date.

Solution #3: Effortless Demand Letters

Users were empowered to send demand letters with just a few clicks within the system, eliminating the need for manual letter preparation.

Solution #4: Efficiency Boost

The bank witnessed a significant relief on collection tasks, with credit officers now handling only 40% of the workload, a 60%

Solution #5: Instant Notifications

Automated notifications ensured that debtors received timely email notifications, SMS, and letters, promoting a proactive approach to debt resolution.

Solution #6: Early Payment Incentives

Approximately 60% of dues were paid before the due date (within 0-30 days), reducing the remaining workload for the bank to just 40%.

Solution #7: Simplified Auctioneer Communication

Automation eliminated the need for manual communication with auctioneers to inform them to stop pursuing customers who cleared their arrears.

Solution #8: Enhanced Cure Rate

The cure rate increased by an impressive 80%, representing successful debt recovery.

Solution #9: Reduced Turnaround Time

Within just one month, the bank experienced a 90% reduction in Turnaround Time (TAT), demonstrating the rapid positive impact of automation.

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