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Data Protection Week 2024: NLS Joins Global Commemoration


NLS Tech Solutions is joining the rest of the globe in commemorating the 2024 Data Protection Week. The long-week celebration recognizes the influence of technology on privacy rights, emphasizing the need to value and protect personal information.

This commitment is consistent with a tweet from the Office of the Data Protection Commission, which stated that the commission will grace the climax of the celebrations in Kisumu, Mombasa, and Nakuru on Friday, January 26th, 2024.

NLS stands in solidarity with the tech community, reaffirming its commitment to safeguarding data privacy and security for its clients and users.

In a LinkedIn post that is gaining popularity, followers were reminded of the vital need to empower themselves in terms of data protection. The subject, “Take Control of Your Data,” emphasized the importance of proactive action in the face of rising digital risks.

As the digital world grapples with continuous privacy concerns, the end of Data Privacy Week represents a concerted effort to strengthen cyber defences and develop a culture in which privacy is championed on a daily basis.

Stay tuned for more updates on data privacy.

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