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In the dynamic landscape of credit unions and Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (Saccos), efficient management is paramount for success.

AXON Sacco
Management System

It is a real-time integrated Sacco and Microfinance Management System with a number of modules that provide users with smart, effortless functionalities to manage all activities of front office and back-office with ease and confidence.

From loans management, dividend, savings and shares management, customer and bank management, AXON is the best system for Any Sacco business.

Discover the Robust Features of Our Advanced Sacco Management System!

Monitor member savings, deposits, and investments effortlessly. AXON’s intuitive interface lets you track individual and group contributions, dividends, and interest calculations.

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Streamline operations with automated processes, reducing manual workload and human errors.

Sacco Manage-ment System!

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AXON Key Modules


This module allows the SACCO to perform the following activities

Create users of the system
Assign different users different rights
Run batch processes
Manage password administration
Design and customize their menus
Define Sacco’s operating parameters and setup their product management (the account creation i.e., share deposit, share capital and also the loan account types), among other operations.

Mobile Banking Module

Sacco members can access their MPA accounts, carry out the various banking, and value-added transactions through their mobile phones.

The mobile suite includes a mobile banking application, as well as an interface for the customer and the Sacco.

This module allows the SACCO to

perform the following activities.

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Member management module

AXON simplifies member data management, allowing you to efficiently store, update, and retrieve member information. From personal details to account history, access member data at your fingertips.

Main sub-menus in the Member Management Menu

Membership application
Membership admission
Member withdrawal processing and approval
Member rejoining
Member reports

Gain clear insights into your Sacco’s financial health. AXON’s integrated accounting system automates transactions, tracks income and expenses, and generates detailed financial reports.

Finance management module
Payments and receipts
Asset management
Dividend management
Petty cash management.
Inventory Management.
Credit management module

Streamline loan processes with AXON’s robust credit management module. From application to approval and disbursement, the system automates workflows, reducing processing times and improving accuracy.

Loan Application
Loan appraisal
Loan approval
Loan disbursement partial and full disbursements
Loan Guarantors
Credit reports – loan listings, repayment schedules, loan statements
Customer relations management
Account creation and management
Teller operations – till transactions – deposits and withdrawals from customer accounts
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Our Reports

All financial and analytical reports, including SASRA regulatory reports.

Customize existing reports to fit user specific formats and develop more as per user requirements.

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With a proven track record in the Sacco industry, AXON brings innovation and efficiency to your sacco. Our team of experts ensures smooth implementation and continuous support, guaranteeing you a hassle-free experience.

Experience the power of the AXON Sacco Management System

Elevate your Sacco’s management practices, enhance member services, and achieve sustainable growth.

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