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In the dynamic landscape of credit unions and Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (Saccos), efficient management is paramount for success.

AXON Sacco
Management System

It is a real-time integrated Sacco and Microfinance Management System with a number of modules that provide users with smart, effortless functionalities to manage all activities of front office and back-office with ease and confidence.

From loans management, dividend, savings and shares management, customer and bank management, AXON is the best system for Any Sacco business.

Discover the Robust Features of Our Advanced Sacco Management System!

Monitor member savings, deposits, and investments effortlessly. AXON’s intuitive interface lets you track individual and group contributions, dividends, and interest calculations.

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Streamline operations with automated processes, reducing manual workload and human errors.

Sacco Manage-ment System!

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Rising NPL

AXON Key Modules


This module allows the SACCO to perform the following activities

Create users of the system
Assign different users different rights
Run batch processes
Manage password administration
Design and customize their menus
Define Sacco’s operating parameters and setup their product management (the account creation i.e., share deposit, share capital and also the loan account types), among other operations.

Mobile Banking

Sacco members can access their MPA accounts, carry out the various banking, and value-added transactions through their mobile phones.

The mobile suite includes a mobile banking application, as well as an interface for the customer and the Sacco.

Signs of a financial crisis mean securing more financing becomes much more difficult. The result? Exacerbation of liquidity problems. Financing projects becomes more challenging.

The reason is
simple: Vaguer

Customers are sometimes unable or unwilling to make payments when they are due. Collection efforts may only recover some of the overdue amounts.

Essentially, vaguer collection activities can lead to repayment plans or debt restructuring that may not provide debtors with additional time to make payments or resolve their debts on more manageable terms. Talk of zero promises to pay despite the efforts, late reminders, notifications, or letters to clients regarding debts overdue. Printing letters instead of relying on auto-configured templates to auto populate letters. Unprofessional prediction of the best time to call, contacting wrong clients, among other
These are just a few of the vaguer practices that add to your huge workload. A properly organized credit department plays a critical role in managing accounts receivable portfolio risk to protect profits and prevent potential losses. This is to help you remain more productive in your career. But if you do this manually, all hell will break loose.

Rising NPL


NLS Tera Collect is designed
to create

Follow, collect, report and close pending debt collections through a consolidated Debt Collector. The module provides a comprehensive overview of the debt management process thereby saving valuable time and reducing operational risk by offering relevant information in one central system. From this centralized position, a user can easily manage a broad range of debt management activities.

The solution further
provides a broad
range of tools


Features and easily integrates with existing systems due to its service oriented foundation.The system offers a close management of customers through intelligent customer segmentation. This allows a bank to deliver dynamic, tailored collections for each delinquent customer, especially given the highly competitive environment and the ease of switching between banks, leaving debts behind them.


With this solution, customers can be finely segmented to create an accurate profile and by using alerts and timely reports, banks are able to device and drive the most appropriate strategy. The system presents an integrated approach to sales, collections and credit management.

By synchronizing all customer data, a bank reduces error risk, lowers audit costs and helps manage customer relationships. With easy access to information, banks can make more reliable credit decisions and have full documentation of decisions through audit trails. with better credit decision making and improved collection strategies, banks can significantly reduce bad debt write-offs.

Automation work

Persuade me
That Automation

“Before automation, we’d receive a certain number of accounts depending on what bucket to collect every month. There was between 1-30, 31-60, all in excel format. Right now, we’re saving a lot of time. You can imagine, sending letters used to take 3-4 days. But right now, it’s just instant. Let’s say today I have 300 accounts. Even before I start calling debtors, they’ve already received email notifications, SMS, and letters.

Richard Davidson,

Bank Manager at NCBA Bank.

I love the fact that it’s quite professional and wonderfully efficient! we truly appreciate.

Today, NCBA Bank stands on the cusp of one of our latest innovations in the collections industry. The bank’s collections have undergone massive changes since 2016, chief among them, reduced NPL. This enthusiastic adoption of automation has disrupted the bank’s long-held monopoly on its traditional debt collection model.


100% transition from the manual
issuing of repossession.

Information on repossession is sent
to auctioneers on day 14 at the end
of the due date.

Reduced Turnaround Time (TAT) by
90% in just one month.

Users are able to automatically send demand letters by just
performing a few clicks in the system.

60%relief on collection tasks. Only40%for the credit

Automatic and instant notifications. No late notifications

60% of dues are paid before the due date (between 0 and 30
days). The remaining task is only 40%

No more calling auctioneers to inform them to stop following a
customer who has cleared arrears.

Cure rate increased by 80%

So, will you Let Automation into
your Debt Recovery Process?

It’s fair to say the results being delivered to all our clients are real, tangible, and significant, which you can’t afford to ignore any longer. In fact, automation is becoming more prominent with the evolving business models as technology becomes mainstream.

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