Audit/Risk Issue Tracking

The audit issue tracking module allows the bank to track responses from departments identified with the risk, implementation timelines, remedial action and subsequent closure of the audit item subject to the approval of the internal audit head.

All issues raised in the reporting module of Audit Project Management can be automatically uploaded to Audit/Risk Issue Tracking and assigned ownership, or they can be keyed in manually. The module has Key Performance Indicators per individual issues, with the department showing open issues, implemented but not closed, and closed issues. The issue tracking system has an activity diary reminder which, when configured, can send alerts based on the reminders maintained.


  • 01Reporting
  • 02Emailing Capability
  • 03Notifications via Popup
  • 04Scheduled Report Capability.
  • 05Dashboards


Log Issues

Log Audit issue or import issue from Audit Project Management

Implement Process

Implement Process or Solution

Assignment of Ownership

Assign to Department and Owner of the audit issue

Issue Closure Authorisation

Authorize issue for closure by the Risk Head

Update Activity

Update activity and send Reminders on due dates.