Sacco Management System (AXON)

AXON is a tailor-made solution for different institutions that include saccos, micro-finance institutions, dairy marketing societies, and coffee marketing societies. The unique technology adopted for the solution makes it flexible to use across the complete lifecycle of cooperative societies’ operational, tactical, and strategic management.

The Axon Sacco System caters for all the needs of a savings and credit co-operative society. NLS Sacco will ensure that your members are served in a secure, efficient, transparent, and customer-friendly manner.


  • Members Management
    This module enables the society to manage all the records for individual, group, and business clients.
  • BOSA (Back Office Services Activity)
    Axon covers existing and future needs of the Sacco’s BOSA operations with the reliability it deserves because it is the core activity of any Sacco.
  • FOSA (Front Office Services Accounts)
    The FOSA Module covers all the operations of Sacco’s front office operations. These include till management, cash management, and cheque management.
  • Axon Micro-finance
    AXON Micro-finance is a next generation solution which is customized to meet the needs of Micro-finance institutions.


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Client Management

This module enables a micro-finance institution to manage collective details from their individual, business and group clients.

Accounts Management

This module can be used to track and manage the organization’s savings account by tracking all deposits and withdrawals in a Client’s Savings Account, groups, group members and business clients.

Credit Management

This module ensures all parameters of an organization’s credit policy are adhered to throughout the loan life cycle. It provides different parameters for loan classification to ensure that the micro-finance institution gain full control over their valuable asset.


Axon Dairy Marketing Software covers existing and future needs of the marketing society’s operations. It provides comprehensive coverage of dairy marketing societies’ operations. Its main module includes:

Members Accounts Management

It maintains members’ information within the system through a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for dairy marketing society employees to manage the records.


1. Financial Management Module

General Ledgers: This can be customized within various combinations that have varying dimensions and for future additions/amendments

Budget and Budget Control: This enables Sacco/MFI with budgeted figures and enables you to lock postings within your budget.

2. Procurement Module

Axon provides a comprehensive procurement platform that automates and streamlines key procurement and purchasing-related work processes.

3. Fixed Asset Management

Axon provides comprehensive asset management module that incorporates all stages from procurement to disposal stage.

4.Receivables and Payables

Axon has an elaborate receivable and payable system that captures debtors’ transactions, updates debtors’ ledgers, produces debtors’ management reports, records creditors’ details, processes creditors’ related transactions, and produces creditors’ management reports.

5.Cash Management

Axon Cash Management enables organizations to monitor and forecast cash requirements, perform automated bank reconciliations, distribute payments efficiently and securely, and automatically generate accounting entries.