Reconciliation Solution(NTELLICHECK) Backup

NLS Reconciliation System dubbed Ntellicheck readily integrates with any host system using a relational database and provides reconciliation services on account transactions including Nostro accounts with external system generated files, or with real time communication channels like SWIFT, ATM, Reuters or Clearing systems


  • Real-time matching and automation
  • Integration with existing infrastructure
  • Reports based on the reconciliation status for audit purposes
  • Provision of manual reconciliation for unmatched items
  • Review and reversal of matched transactions should Incorrect
    references be made
  • Allows reconciliations to be created for multiple banks,
    companies and environments
  • Multi-currency, multi-site solution deployable on multiple
  • Direct uploading of files not available to users in csv format
  • Built in email function to facilitate communication and
  • Configurable access rights to enhance security.