Credit Management Solution (TERA CMS)

Tera CMS is an innovative enterprise solution specially designed to address and support the loan processing needs of financial institutions. The solution employs a detailed work flow technology to control and monitor the various work steps employed during loan processing, thereby reducing the delays and inefficiencies in handling paper documents.

The solution provides an end-to-end approach to loan origination, with a holistic approach during the entire loan life cycle. It also provides a structured work flow and supports multiple loan products with different origination channels.

The solution easily integrates with other existing systems and offers a robust credit scoring engine and archiving for various loan application related documents.


  • Lower costs, improved efficiency and productivity

The solution offers improved self-service tools for financial management by directly empowering the users and enabling efficient utilization of bank resources. The detailed workflows ensure instant approvals and reduced turnaround times.

  • Reduced time to market and total cost of ownership

The solution covers essential loan origination services and ensures your bank launches the same, with minimal upfront investment in time, effort, and resources. It has a flexible architecture that facilitates growth and changing market dynamics through easily customizable products and seamless integration with multiple host systems.

  • Differentiation and Competitive Presence

The Credit management System allows financial institutions to establish a competitive presence, while extending convenience of their financial services

  • Increased customer satisfaction

Today, financial institutions continue to adapt new and flexible business models that increase customers’ levels through transparency and instantaneous provision of information and services. The NLS CMS enhances this through faster loan processing and thereby rapid response to client requests